Fintech — Virtual Money so close to Bank Monetary Valuable Cryptocurrency

Anonymous Crypto-Token Ecosystem

It has also been subject to security breaches and wild price fluctuations. This paper identifies and analyzes the impact of trading and Bitcoin currency exchange.

How crypto-token ecosystem exactly works?

  1. A Unique Blockchain Algorithms Firmware generating and distributing crypto-tokens through blockchain open-source ledgers.
  2. Anonymous VPN Centralized Network GPUs Servers powering blockchain through the clients using blockchain firmwares.
  3. Crypto Traders offering exchange possibilities through open-source blockchain crypto-tokens/currencies exchange platforms.

Current blockchain crypto-token’s corporations offering crypto-tokens in exchange with fixed fees to use their own crypto-tokens in order to offer anonymous payment services and transparency on transactions. Crypto-tokens’s corporations paying a transaction fees generally in crypto-tokens to data centers hosting blockchain transitions in order to offer speed to the blockchain technology and efficient blockchain networking.

Crypto-tokens corporations offering to developers that want to invest their founds with families and friends, possibilities to startup their own sub-token offering and giving a way to developers to learn blockchain technology and grow capitals to start an industry.

Data Centers hosting blockchain networking actually not founding profits because of pay-rate of computer calculation taxation called “hashrate calculation”, unless the facility has a alternative energy like renewables or power plants. Operation doesn’t lack transparency because of blockchain security and anonymity; Some rudimentary data centers builded with limited computational process such budget hardware for a specific algorithmic process, really lack professional attitude and computer science education.

Crypto Traders exchanging crypto-tokens and currencies founding profits in charging fees to payments in exchange and trading the founds in crypto-tokens because of volatility of inflection.

Consumers found the crypto-tokens expansive but they actually happy with anonymity and safety of their currency value and payment transparency, sometimes they also happy of is little positive inflation in exchange.

Bank Monetary Valuable Cryptocurrency Issues

Even if the crypto-tokens match a lot of requirements to be a cryptocurrency the goal of currency regulation shall be to facilitate implementation of state policy aimed at achieving sustained economic growth and maintaining economic security.

The Reserve Bank is the nation’s sole note issuing authority. Along with the Government of the Nation, are responsible for the design, production and overall management of the nation’s currency, with the goal of ensuring an adequate supply of clean and genuine notes.

We believe in a policy agreements with the Bank Reserve Nations to release legal cryptocurrency with a bank intelligence integration or launching own Government based on the right to occupation of North Pole legalizing the Bank Reserve.



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Dr Francesco Dergano

Dr Francesco Dergano

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SkyDataSol