How to setup a Restaurant: Chef de Cousin vs Chef de Partie vs Restaurant Manager

Restaurant is a small supply chain method to distribute quality cooked food, to launch a quality restaurant you need to identify the right Chef De Cucine (or Culinary Chef), releasing recipes on the web, or hire someone preparing it in your restaurant. A new plate is recognized a quality plate and a trend plate to you need to fill a menu recognized a quality request menu.

First of all, identify the kind of cousin you want to sell (the most requested are the Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Steak House, Indian and International) and remember that well designed restaurant, a quality hospitality management, quality foods and wines are the key of success.

Chef de Partie (or Chef Executive) in a restaurant is the Chef organizing the supply chain method of distribution of the menu, he need to identify quality foods and wines for the best budget and configure the place and the kitchen staff to face up the cooking process and decoration for the consumers arriving in the restaurant.

The Supply Chain method consist in organize receive the foods and setup a conservation, setup a prefixed and precooked mix (it depend to the food), setup a cooking team and method of cook as to execute kitchen receipts released by the Chef de Cousin.

The Restaurant manager has the specific function to prepare the restaurant inside adventure and web presentation standards, he must setup a service efficient to host people without lose quality standards promised. The interesting person is who really understands the Chef de cousin specification of wine and foods, to offer to the consumer the best experience.

Consider that a bar and a pizzeria are two others different businesses that require different specialists, but it can be organized in a restaurant business.

In Conclusion

The quality of the restaurant is made by the restaurant furnitures and accessories, the cousin robotics automations and quality material, the cousin accessories to cook, the quality food and wines selected on the sale and the proposal.

You have to consider also the costs and the web presentation, the online approach is the key to get busy with the consumers that you looking for.



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Dr Francesco Dergano

Dr Francesco Dergano

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SkyDataSol