Marketing Guide — Public Figure Development

Public Figure Process Decision

You have to target a branded product to the right destination to consumers request. The social media and mass media selection must be made before you start your marketing campaign.

How it works..

Facebook is not really helpful anymore for a public figure of any kind, you really targeting a generic public; but it still helpful for a PPC campaign for distribution.

Instagram is a fundamental for the photo and video-material to easy approach to the figure recognition, it has also particular features to a small TV entertainment and stories entertainment if you want to use it; our goal is to approach the PPC campaign.

Twitter is the main business announcement tool, basically everyone searching and working on Twitter, and PPC campaign is really interesting, you really getting your public in particular.

LinkedIn is a professional CV and brief that you can use for as business tool to search professionals or to work professional or just to use it as professional background check. The PPC campaign is interesting while your intent is to offer a job.

News sources social medias and forums such medium, Reddit, etc.., are tools useful to communicate your information straight to the reader, it is used for a specific person education and interests recognition.

Books publication and sale is a way to confirm your job as a specialist in business, a particular person that wants to self introduce for that specific field or that specific material for TV show or TV marketing.

Wikipedia is a debrief of public news on journals, talking about you and a collection of public books; basically it is used for a source of information or studying material.

Public Figure Development..

First of all, to manage your profile and business activities you need an efficient marketing intelligence and SEO tools.

As soon you start marketing digital forensics of government and google marketers will start bothering you on the search engines; it doesn’t matter.

You need to start by selecting social medias required for your public figure, you need to post a few arguments and start a PPC campaign; and to gain some follower you help yourself with social bots automations provided by data hackers having specific data centers for social media hacking.

As soon you have over a million followers each accounts, and over 20 thousand interactions each post you sharing you can clearly verify you account with a blu badge.

On the search engines you have several free tasks and paid task to improve your marketing supervised by digital forensics of government and search engine administration:

Free Use list:

  1. Outdated Removal Tool
  2. Legal content request Tool
  3. Spam Report Tool
  4. Malware Report Tool
  5. Knowledge Panel
  6. Google Business
  7. PPCs Analytics (Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics, etc..,)

Premium Use list:

  1. Marketing Intelligence
  2. URLs Rankers
  3. URLs Cache Update
  4. URLs Audits
  5. URLs Shortner
  6. URLs Spy SEO Analytics

Public Figure Difficulties..

The problem of a new public figure or an old figure is the search engine digital forensics, they technically challenging your actions unless you going to get a marketing contract direct to google or entertainment enterprises having that administrative authority to stop the modifications of digital forensics authority in the google, intergovernmental organizations and government departments;

In Conclusion

Just found a way, to distribute; you will never look good on google because the habit of negative professionals is to damage everyone figure; we won’t suggest you to pay for marketing unless the proposal is the real google.



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Dr Francesco Dergano

Dr Francesco Dergano

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SkyDataSol